So, I got out of bed this morning and I’m chilling in the living room, a little sad that I’m missing soccer with Sam. Hopefully I can at least watch the next time. My nerve block is still mostly working, but I can tell it’s wearing off because I’m starting to feel tingling sensations in parts of the leg just below the knee where I’ve felt nothing since the surgery. Following the advice of Ms Jackie and some friends of Nicole, I’ve been taking my pain pills despite the lack of pain. I’m ready to supplement with Motrin when the pain returns. I’m nervous, but grateful to have had my first surgery, grateful to have survived the accident, grateful that I have amazing friends, grateful that the family I was born into and the one I married into are filled with amazing, supportive people, but mostly, I’m grateful I have Nicole and Samantha to take care of me. And Linus of course.

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