@vasta Thank you good sir.

@kimberlyhirsh Thank you Kimberly.

@strandlines Thank you! This community is fantastic and I feel fortunate to be a part of it.

@patrickrhone Thank you Patrick. For the comments and for your book on mindfulness.

@colinwalker Thank you Colin. I feel like I can see the other side.

@seansharp Thank you Sean! It does, but there's always a light around the corner.

@mjdescy Thank you sir.

@schuth It's certainly telling that Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine and John Smoltz all named him in their Hall of Fame speeches. The StatCast info would be amazing to review!

Do you think Walker gets in this year?

@schuth As a lifetime Braves fan, your inclusion of Andruw warms my crusty heart. As the arguably all-time best fielding center fielder, and a 10 year plus run as a plus plus offensive talent, I think he deserves it.

Man, his offensive collapse was brutal though.

Good ballot!

@smokey That was my thought when my wife showed me the picture. I wish I could get just one picture as good as her worst.

@Burk No review of the movie?

@ChrisReed I’m not sure there’s anything more beautiful than a baseball field.

@smith I would thank you for sharing this link, but I spend too much money on my weekly pull as it is, and now I may end up spending more!

(Thanks anyway. 😄)

@Bruce I admire the shade he threw today by changing his twitter name as well.

@davidm She is cute! I tell people she gets it from my side of the family, but she’s adopted so I can only lay claim to her occasionally sparkling personality. 😃

@matpacker Sometimes they are. :)

@jemostrom That could work! I'd also like one of the old person chairs that slowly carry you up the stairs on a rail.

@jemostrom I'm seriously considering sliding up the stairs on my butt so I can use my iMac tomorrow. The problem is my chair is now downstairs in the dining room and it's hard to stand at my desk with a broken foot. LOL

@Mtt Cool. Do you know if they stream your locals? An antenna is, unfortunately, not an option.

@Mtt From what I can tell, none of the streaming services handle commercials well. The only shows I’ve recorded where they’ve required me to watch the commercials are CW superhero shows.

@Mtt No skip unfortunately. There’s a slider to move around and 15 second front and back buttons.

@Mtt I replaced DirecTV Now with YouTubeTV about three weeks ago. I like it quite a bit. The streaming video is very smooth and very fast. The unlimited DVR is very nice.

@Bruce And apparently CNN who seems happy to give him free TV time.

@petebrown I've never met a real independent. I have family who claim to be independent, who have never voted for anyone who wasn't a Republican.

@numericcitizen I'd buy that!